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100% natural coconut oil is made from concentrated fresh coconut milk, using 3-stage centrifuge, oil is 5 minutes, 100% natural coconut oil is medium saturated fatty acid, lauric acid, succinic acid and caustic acid.


- Reduce bad cholesterol or LDL and add good cholesterol or HDL to help the body and heart health.

- Change to energy quickly. No fat in the body.

- Increases metabolic rate. Food is burned as energy. Quickly Not fat accumulation in the body.

- To help slimming. By taking body fat in various parts. Use as energy. It helps you have a better shape.


How to eat:

1-2 tablespoons before meals.

Can be cooked.



1. Coconut oil is opaque white. When temperatures are below 25 ° C

2. Keep the container tightly closed. Keep in dry and away from sunlight.


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