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Alkaline Water Ionizer - Mannature

Alkaline Water Ionizer - Mannature


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Alkaline Water Ionizer - Mannature


Alkaline Water Ionizer

There is a Self Cleaning System. The PH value is between 2.5 to 11.2 and the ORP is between + 500mv to -800mv. There is a mineral container on the top of the machine. To use to add various minerals Need Uses SMPS power from 110V to 240V according to international standards. High security


- Model: EHM-929

- Weight: 10 kg

- Machine size: 280 X 175 X 380 mm

- Capability of continuous water filtration: 10,000 liters

- Water filtration rate: 1 - 4 liters per minute

- PH value of filtered water: 2.5 to 11.2


Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizer

- Helps to adjust the pH balance to the body to fight free radicals

- There are 2 filters, resulting in pure and effective filter water.

- Helps to adjust the alkalinity balance to suit the blood. At around pH 7.4

- Use electrical process to separate water into 2 lines, acid-base

- Helps to filter natural minerals to the body such as calcium and magnesium.


Recommendations for using the Alkaline Water Ionizer

- Should be used in normal conditions, ie not installing the engine in other directions Aside from the vertical

- The level that is safe for the device is not higher than 2 meters.

- If the water pressure is not enough, the water pressure should be increased.

- Before use or discontinuation of use Should turn on the water level to drink the medicine because it will wash acid and alkali from the machine.

- should change the water hose 1 time per year

- should clean, wash the machine 1 time per year

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