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Alkaline Water Drink - Mannature

Alkaline Water Drink - Mannature


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Alkaline Water Drink - Mannature


Alkaline Water Drink

 Alkaline Water Drink is ready-to-drink water that has been processed by a specific process. So that the water is alkaline, the level of pH 8.5, which is the best pH of drinking water Helps to adjust the balance in the body. From eating meat, soft drinks, pollution, stress, mineral loss from exercise Therefore making the body acidic Causes acid reflux, bloating, migraine, difficult to excrete, fatigue, risk of heart disease, osteoporosis. Drinking water with alkalinity will help the body to return to normal conditions better.

- Has a balanced pH with the body Can protect the body from the destruction of excess acid

- is water that has small molecules Makes it easy when the body absorbs water to use in various parts of the body

- There are many minerals that the body needs, such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

- Helps restore the body by washing waste deep down to the cell level.

- Helps to neutralize free radicals Makes the body build a stronger immune system

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