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Healthy & Tasty Rice Cooker 1L- Tefal

Healthy & Tasty Rice Cooker 1L- Tefal


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Healthy & Tasty Rice Cooker 1L- Tefal


Tefal Healthy & Tasty Rice Cooker 1L reduce flour from white rice up to 20%. Equipped with intelligent AI technology and heated by electromagnetic. Adjusting heat quickly and precisely.


Features rice cooker for health 1L- Tefal

- Reduce flour from white rice by up to 20% by cooking 2 steps with "Healthy rice sieve" that separates flour from rice

- 3 mm thick inner pot, durable with 6 layers coating (non-stick coating, aluminum, steel, copper, Nano Coating)

- Capacity 1 liter

- Power 800 watts

- A variety of work programs: cook healthy rice, cook brown rice, mixed rice, cereal porridge, quick cook porridge, porridge, boiled rice, steamed soup, warm food with automatic warming function and set a timer to cook up to 24 hours in advance.

- Digital screen and touch buttons, easy to use, beautiful design

- Inner pot lid for removing and cleaning Washable

- Water level indication for inner pot For cooking different types of rice


How to cook rice for health

1. Add rice to the special rice cooker

2. Add water to the rice cooker

3. Place the rice cooker on the pot.

4. Press the program button “Healthy Rice”

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