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Air purifier 30 sq.m. – Tefal

Air purifier 30 sq.m. – Tefal


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Air purifier 30 sq.m. – Tefal


3 layers air filter to increase the confidence in air filtering

1st layer : Pre-filter (coarse dust)

2nd layer : Active Carbon filter (cigarette smells, musty odors and VOCs)

3rd layer : Allergy + filter (fine dust, PM 2.5, allergens such as pollen, pet fur, dust mites)


- Filter fine dust, toxic substances (PM 2.5) and allergens up to 99.99%

- Type Hepa Filter, NanoCaptur Filter

- 3 layers air filter increases the confidence in the air filter with high efficiency

- Quickly filter the air for only 6 minutes (CADR of 300 m3 / h)

- Intelligent air sensor system with air quality indicator

- Auto day / night mode

- The machine will adjust the speed of the air filter automatically according to the air quality in the room. Which will adjust the level 2-3 in day mode and 1-2 in night mode

- Maximum convenience with 1-2-4-8 hours automatic closing timer as needed.

- Compact size, perfectly placed

- Has a child lock system

- For room size 30 square meters

- Silent level at 20 DB

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